How Many Estate Sales Does the Average Estate Sale Company Hold a Year?

Estate sales are in high demand and today there is an opportunity to hold more sales.

According to, the average estate sale company manages 30 sales a year or 2.5 a month.

The market for estate sales is growing rapidly and the overwhelming majority of estate sales are ‘moving sales’ where older homeowners want to get rid of their furniture and possessions so they can downsize and relocate to a retirement home.

Hiring an estate sale company is an easy way to cash out and avoid the stress and difficulty of dealing with the belongings you no longer need or want. Let someone else love the items you no longer want!

At Estate Love (formerly Avenue Estate Sales), we often have 2-3 sales a weekend, holding sales nearly every weekend throughout the year. The opportunity to conduct as many sales as you can handle is possible in just about every market. Homeowners are looking for a great client experience with a company that can hold an event that creates buzz.

We’ve been refining our systems for over 10 years and we’re recruiting franchise owners to take Estate Love to new markets! If you want to open a fun business that you can be proud of, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us! You’ll love it!



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