Available Territories for Estate Love

Estate Love is ready to rapidly expand across the nation

Estate Love franchise is on the move, and we’re bringing the estate sale industry into the future as we go with territories across the nation. We’re only missing passionate entrepreneurs like you to join us.

With large, protected territories available in prime markets across the United States, Estate Love is ready to become the first household name for estate sales.

Below is a map of available territories. Don’t see your territory? Don’t worry. Simply fill out an inquiry form on this website and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly!

estate love franchise territories

How large are Estate Love franchise territories?

We define territories by population. In general, a single unit is a county size with about 300,000 in population. Not all areas are equal – some higher income or more dense areas will have smaller population counts, and in less dense or less populated areas, we might have a much larger geographic area. You can purchase additional territories, although we recommend starting with one and making sure you can scale your business.


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