How Big is the Estate Sale Industry?

When people downsize, get divorced, move or pass away, the need for an estate sale becomes essential

When people go through a big change in their lives that forces them to sell a property fast, the question becomes, “What do we do with all of this stuff?”

According to Becoming Minimalist, the average American house has more than 300,000 items in it. When Americans have to offload their items all at once, whether sentimental heirlooms, furniture, art, electronics, kitchenware, jewelry, etc., estate sales are an exceptional way to do it.

estate sale franchise opportunity

The Washington Post agrees. In a recent article entitled, “Have stuff to sell because of downsizing, divorce or death? An estate sale or auction could be your answer,” the paper explains the advantages of an estate sale.

“Whether you are a baby boomer who is downsizing, someone faced with a divorce, or with the loss of a loved one, there will come a time to decide how to handle the selling of personal assets that are no longer needed,” The Washington Post reports.

The paper goes on to list the pros of an estate sale from the homeowners’ perspective:

  • Quick setup (one to three days).
  • Quick on-site sale (one to three days).
  • Ease of sale for general household items.*
*The Washington Post, “Have stuff to sell because of downsizing, divorce or death? An estate sale or auction could be your answer.”

This is why estate sales are becoming increasingly common in the United States. reports that over 30,000 estate sales take place every year, and that number is likely to grow as the practice becomes more and more mainstream.

How is Estate Love getting estate sales right?

While there are more than 15,000 estate sale companies in the United Staes, according to, the vast majority are independently run, mom & pop operations. Most have small sales volumes, outdated marketing strategies (if any at all), and with very little attention paid to customer experience.

Estate Love is the exact opposite.

“The rest of the industry is stuck in the 20th century,” says Jonathan Tomlanovich founder and CEO of Estate Love. “They have outdated practices, limited technology, and very little customer experience. Estate Love was founded to bring the industry into the 21st century where it belongs.”

It begins with making our clients feel comfortable. We do this by setting expectations upfront. Our entire process including item appraisal, home staging, and live sales events are all done with our clients’ comfort in mind.

“We’re transparent every step of the way,” Tomlanovich says. “We tell them exactly what they can expect, and we deliver on that promise. Our goal is to cut them the biggest check that we can at the end of the sale, to get them the most value for their items, to treat their house and possessions with respect, but ultimately, to sell as much as we possibly can. If you treat the homeowner well and make them feel like a partner, the entire process will be much easier. You’ll be rewarded with a happy client, good reviews, and ultimately, a healthy business.”

Our sales events are unlike anything else in the industry. Customers are greeted by warm and enthusiastic team members who are trained to be helpful. Our homes are beautifully staged with items placed in a way that catches the attention of our customers. Most importantly, unlike other estate sale companies, Estate Love encourages our customers to make deals and join in on the fun.

“Customers come to us because it’s a lot of fun,” Tomlanovich says. “You can get a $10,000 dining room set, or a priceless piece of art at an unbelievable price. There’s a lot of fun in the hunt and you never know what you’re going to find. When a customer finds something they like, they can bargain for it and make a deal. They know they’re getting real value for their money. It’s a win-win, the shopper gets a great deal and our homeowner has one less item to worry about when they move.”

Estate Love franchise is the future of the estate sales industry

While the rest of the industry is trapped in the days of big hair and New Kids on the Block, Estate Love is looking towards the future. Estate Love has built a state-of-the-art e-commerce site that allows customers to shop for any item on sale, at any of our events, days in advance. This allows our franchise owners to expand the reach of their events much further than their market. Customers can buy items from anywhere in the world, and because our website is SEO optimized for particular items, the result is a highly targeted sales platform with enormous reach.

As a result, our franchise owners likewise increase the profit-potential of all of their sales events. This is a tremendous advantage, as there isn’t an estate sales business that has been able to maximize the full potential of a sales event by taking it online like Estate Love is doing now.

“There’s so much opportunity in an estate sales franchise that exists outside of the way the industry has been doing things for decades,” Tomlanovich says. “You don’t have to come to a house and buy things out of a garage over a two day period. It’s important to take advantage of the way things are today. By having a strong e-commerce platform, shoppers can buy things from their couch, just as they would from Amazon and eBay. It’s a revolutionary way of doing business – and we’re right at the forefront.”

Ready to take advantage of our estate sales franchise opportunity?

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