How Do I Get Clients?

We’ll teach you how to become the go-to estate sales business in your market

The competition for owning an estate sales business is pretty slim. Do a quick Google search for estate sales in your area, and chances are, you’ll find that mom & pop operators dominate the market. While there are 15,000 estate sale businesses in the United States, the vast majority are independently owned, and according to, do only 30 sales a year.

That’s a drop in the bucket as far as the overall market is concerned.

own an estate sales business

The lack of competition bodes well for your new career as an Estate Love franchise owner. Estate sales are necessary, often urgent events, that help people through a transitional period. Whether it’s a death in the family, a divorce, empty nesters who are downsizing, or a big move across the country, people who need an estate sale need a company they can trust to act swiftly.

“This is an industry that is chock full of mom & pop’s,” says Brett Larabee, SVP of Franchise Development with Estate Love. “Thousands of people are getting older every day – people are retiring, downsizing, or need to move to a nursing facility, and estate sales are a really helpful way to relieve them of their belongings. This is a business that deserves better than to be someone’s side gig – it has tremendous potential for entrepreneurs to take advantage of societal trends, help people in a respectful way and own a profitable business at the same time.”

We make it easy for people who need estate sales to find you

Estate Love is disrupting the estate sales industry by making it easy for people who need an estate sale to find a trusted company in their area that will partner with them in a time of need.

Our franchise owners benefit from our robust digital marketing support, which includes highly targeted PPC and social media advertising, as well as websites outfitted with SEO. This means that people who are searching for an estate sale in your area will find your business when it matters most.

“We offer robust marketing support to help our franchise owners win new business,” says Jonathan Tomlanovich, CEO and founder of Estate Love. “The estate sales industry is stuck in the past, and marketing is just one example of that. We want our franchise owners to connect with as many homeowners as they possibly can because that means they can help more people and generate more revenue potential as well.”

Referrals are an essential part of your business

Part of your role as an Estate Love franchise owner will be networking in your community. You will need to build a large referral network of real estate agents, probate lawyers, funeral home directors, etc. to help you win new business. We will coach you on how to reach out to these networks, how to present yourself, and ultimately, how to partner with them to achieve sales.

When you get a sales lead, we’ll teach you how to pursue it and ultimately secure it. We provide extensive sales training to help you win the homeowners’ trust, while helping to make every sale as successful as possible.

“Our role as a franchisor is to help you become successful in this business,” Tomlanovich says. “We provide all the resources and ongoing coaching to help you become your community’s go-to business for estate sales.”

Monetize every touch

There are times a sales lead will not be the right fit for an estate sale – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a potential client. People who are moving still need to clear out their houses and need your services regardless of whether you host a sale for them or not.

For example, we can help homeowners receive a tax deduction by donating their possessions to charity. Our expert appraisers will identify and evaluate each item and create a certified appraisal report your client can use while filing their taxes. We’ll also assist in arranging the donation pick up. This is a valuable fee based service that our franchisees will have in their portfolio of service offerings.

“There are multiple revenue streams you can take advantage of in this business outside of the actual sale,” Tomlanovich says. “We want our franchise owners to maximize the earning potential of their business by monetizing every client encounter they have. This mindset is unique in this industry, as many companies leave money on the table – that’s money you can use to grow your business. The goal of Estate Love is to help you become as profitable as possible and reap the rewards of owning a business that truly makes a difference.”

Ready to open an estate sales franchise?

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