Why Own an Estate Love Franchise?

Estate Love is the future of estate sales

The estate sales industry is trapped in the early 2000’s.

We’re not joking. The estate sales industry is dominated by independent operators who run their sales events the same way they’ve been doing for decades.

It’s time for a change.

Estate Love is ready to disrupt the industry for good by bringing it into the 21st century. By combining e-commerce technology and innovative marketing with lively, warm, and FUN sales events, Estate Love is on a mission to change the industry for the better.

“This isn’t your grandmother’s estate sale,” says Jonathan Tomlanovich, CEO and founder of Estate Love. “Now is a great time to get into the estate sales business. With the Baby Boomer generation aging at a rapid rate, our services are needed more than ever. Estate Love is the future of the estate sale industry. For far too long, this industry has been stuck in the 1980s’ and 1990s’. Consumer behavior has radically changed – and the estate sales industry needs to catch up. Setting up a couple of chairs in a garage and inviting people in for a two-day sale isn’t going to cut it anymore. We’ve proven that by having a strong e-commerce platform, strong marketing, and a strong sales events, as well as understanding all of the revenue streams available, is the key to making a profitable business in this industry.”

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The demand for estate sales is on the rise

According to estatesales.net, the average estate sales company does about 30 sales a year. That’s a sign that the majority of the 15,000 estate sale companies that exist in the nation are doing this part-time. In reality, owning an estate sales business can and should be a full-time career that is run by a passionate entrepreneur who really cares about the homeowners they’re helping.

And there are tons of people to help. AARP reports that 10,000 people are turning 65 everyday in the United States, and this trend is projected to continue well beyond 2030. That means there will be millions of people who will need an estate sale to help them through a transitional period.

“Estate sales is really a geriatric industry,” says Brett Larabee, SVP of Franchise Development with Estate Love. “It hasn’t professionalized itself. It’s been run by folks who do this on the side. Estate Love is the opposite. We’re professional, we take time to stage our houses, we have expert appraisers set our prices, and we serve both our customers and our clients incredibly well. Most importantly, we have a strong retail experience that’s fun, exciting, dependable, and consistent.”

Estate Love is a meaningful business to own – and it’s a lot of fun, too

Visit a local estate sale, and chances are, all of them will operate the same way. You’ll receive poor customer service, walk around a messy, cluttered house with hard-to-find price tags, and nonnegotiable pricing. It’s almost as if the business owners running these events forget why people come – to have fun! By forgetting that, they fail in their responsibility to the homeowner.

Estate Love wants our sale events to be fun. Our teams are friendly, inviting and encourage their customers to make deals. Our houses are beautifully staged, and our items are priced to sell. We do this because we never forget that our sole task is to help our clients unburden themselves of the possessions they’ve spent a lifetime accumulating while giving them the biggest payout possible at the end of the sale.

“We make our clients feel like a partner throughout the entire process,” Tomlanovich says. “There’s no better feeling than helping a client who really needed you to deliver for them. While the profit potential is enormous, this business is really about helping people. I’ve had people cry on my shoulder because they were overwhelmed and we were able to come through for them and make their transition so much easier. That’s what this business is all about.”

Owning an estate sales business is recession-resistant and pandemic-proof

With everything that the nation is going through, entrepreneurs are turning to business opportunities that will allow them to prosper despite what is going on with the rest of the economy.

Estate Love is a great franchise to own for this reason: our services will always be needed. We have low startup costs, a simple business model, multiple revenue streams, and a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. With Estate Love, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss, help people in your community, and do what you love.

What’s better than that?

“The beautiful thing about estate sales is that people need them despite what’s happening in the rest of the economy,” Larabee says. “People will always be getting older, will always be retiring and downsizing, and will always need help in unloading their possessions. Estate Love is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get into an affordable business that is essential, has terrific profit-potential, and exists to help people. If you’re ready for an adventurous life in a business that makes an impact in your community, investing in Estate Love is a smart choice.”

Ready to open an Estate Love estate sales franchise?

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